Aug 212011

This is addressed to the team that stole the cardboard cut-out of President Barack Obama from the Amador Democratic Central Committee booth at the County Fair on Saturday night. The cut-out was returned to us by the Amador County Sheriff’s office on Sunday morning, but the head had been torn off. A similar event took place during the recent California State Fair.

So, pray tell, what was the point? Plenty of your like-minded citizens shared their objections to the President with a flip of their finger as they passed the booth, or a crabby remark. While we don’t understand why any of this type of behavior is necessary, we especially don’t understand the mentality behind the stealing and defacing of personal property.

There were many others who enjoyed having their photo taken with the Presidential cut-out. It was all in fun. Isn’t that what the County Fair is all about?

We believe that a group of teens were the responsible persons.  We can’t help but wonder what their parents have taught them regarding respect for the Office of the President and for the personal property of others.

We are really saddened that partisan politics has taken such an ugly turn in our county. This is still the United States of America where we supposedly have the freedom to vote for and support the people we want without fear of intimidation and where we also have the responsibility not to desecrate the property of those who have a different view.

“Barack Obama” will be back in our booth next year. He’ll just have better security.

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