Feb 132012

Physicians for a National Health Care System got the Last Word from MSNBC’s O’Donnell on why we need a single payer health care system.

Watch host Lawrence O’Donnell explain the “virtually indescribable mess” the compromised federal health law has created, including as it affects women’s health, and why Congress should have enacted a single-payer system. Don’t miss this blistering attack on the private health insurance industry and Big Pharma.

As far as SB810, the Universal Health Care for CA, this bill is just about dead for this session. It was defeated because 4 Democratic Senators abstained and the bill went down to defeat. If 2 had voted yes, the bill would have gone to the Assembly. The DINOs have receive mega bucks from the insurance companies to their campaigns. the  Democratic Club of Amador County plans on being more involved this year regarding this issue.

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